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Partnership - Philanthropy - Education - Wealth Management

Modern financial management for purpose driven families

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What is a family office?

A family office is a team of professionals assembled to manage a family's mission, its financials, and its lifestyle.  Philanthropic families and those who have amassed wealth through business often have many responsibilities.  Luke the Evangelist wrote, "To whom much is given, much is required."  Purpose driven families believe that they have been entrusted with many things and that they are obligated to be good stewards of those things.  In order to continue the businesses they have developed, support the causes they care most about, maintain their physical and mental health, and enjoy time together, they must partner with top-notch professionals with different areas of expertise.   This team of professionals is their "office".  With a well-formed team that has their best interest in mind, a family is able to concentrate on the things it does best and desires most. Stakeholders don't have to worry about many of the foundational aspects of their mission, financials, and lifestyle.  That freedom is incredibly valuable and what makes a family office a life-changing partnership. 

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