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Your Generosity Profile

Which type of giver are you?

The Cheerful


The Spontaneous Giver

The Thoughtful


The Innovative


About the Profile

Giving is a unique experience for each person.  There are different reasons to give, different ways, and different emotions involved.  It's to declare and one way as good or bad and we think that every person should understand how they do it best.

We developed this profile to help you think a bit more about how you like to give and how you do your best giving.  It's certainly not the only answer you need related to a meaningful and well-developed generosity plan but it's a great way to understand your general way of experiencing giving.  You'll be able to use the results as a guide towards finding the most meaningful philanthropic opportunities.  

When you experience giving well, so do the people you serve.  Generosity is an experience for all parties.  It's more than the item or service you provide.

Answer these 10 questions to find out what type of giver you are. 😃

Afterwards, we'll send you the results and more information about each profile.

On to the questions...