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Your Generosity Profile

The Thoughtful Giver
You love planning your impact.

About the Thoughtful Giver

The Thoughtful Giver is the type of person that loves to create an effective strategy.  They find ways to make the most out of situations.  They find it very important to think deeply about what they can do with their resources.

Thoughtful givers believe it's very important to leave a legacy.  Their work is not only to make a positive impact now but also to identify a process for others to execute when they are no longer able.

How They Collaborate With Others

  • find encouragement from Cheerful Givers
  • love to find Spontaneous Givers executing on their strategies
  • appreciate the drive of Innovative Givers

Ideas for Impact

  • assess all of your tangible and intangible resources to determine how they can be used for good
  • write down the causes that are most meaningful to you
  • ask your family what they care about
  • recruit people with similar values and interests to team with
  • keep a log of ideas and opportunities that you can integrate into your plans