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Your Generosity Profile

The Spontaneous Giver
You love taking action when inspired.

About the Spontaneous Giver

The cheerful giver is the type of person that gets inspired at the blink of an eye.  They can find ways to make a positive impact in the most unlikely scenarios.  It's important to them to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Spontaneous givers like to look at any situation as chance to use what they have for good.  You'll find this type of person doing kind things in public and helping others at the spur the moment.

How They Collaborate With Others

  • appreciate the positive energy of Cheerful Givers
  • seek to maximize the preparations of Thoughtful Givers
  • love the new ideas of Innovative Givers as they arise

Ideas for Impact

  • keep an eye out in your daily tasks for impact opportunities
  • ask people throughout your day how they are doing
  • join a networking group of generous people
  • pay attention to the needs of people in your work and faith circles
  • search the Internet for causes related to current events that need support