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Your Generosity Profile

The Innovative Giver
You love pioneering.

About the Innovative Giver

The Innovative Giver is the type of person that wants to be on the cutting edge.  They believe that making positive change requires creativity.  They believe it is vital to humanity to push forward with new ideas.

Innovative givers want to use what they have in a new way.  They work hard to help all of humanity by developing new technology and finding ways to make the lives of people better.

How They Collaborate With Others

  • love celebrating new things Cheerful Givers
  • value spontaneous givers ability to implement ideas
  • appreciate the ability of Thoughtful Givers to make projections

Ideas for Impact

  • evaluate old processes that aren't so efficient
  • ask organizations what their unique problems are
  • tap into the creative minds of your family and friends
  • study modern technology
  • attend a philanthropy conference and network with business leaders