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Your Generosity Profile

The Cheerful Giver
You love making people happy.

About the Cheerful Giver

The cheerful giver is the type of person that gives more than just an item or service to someone in need.  They give a smile too.  Making people feel better about their situation is important.

Cheerful givers like to people, events, and celebrating positive impact.  You'll find this type of person at fundraisers, service projects, and galas to support the causes that are most meaningful to them.

How They Collaborate With Others

  • love to see Spontaneous Givers take action
  • want to implement the great ideas of Thoughtful Givers
  • celebrate the great ideas of Innovative Givers

Ideas for Impact

  • look for charitable events in your area to participate in
  • ask people in your friend circles for community needs and recruit people to help
  • join a giving circle
  • volunteer a new place and meet new generous people
  • do a service project with your family/kids