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Redefining the financial experience

Focus on your values

and your returns will be exponential. 

We find that living a generous and fulfilling life is a wonderful journey.  It is our pleasure to partner with giving families and live our own generous journey as we serve.

The Generous Wealth Journey is our way of partnering with you and your loved ones to responsibly manage the things you have and lead the most impactful life.

In order to make your journey as joyful as possible, we strive to simplify the complicated pieces of your financial and business life.  

A financial wealth journey includes saving, investing, insuring, filing various reports and taxes, and managing people and systems.  These things should not get in the way of your Generous Wealth Journey.

A generous wealth journey includes but is not limited to:

-identifying what's most important to you and your family

-acknowledging stress points

-envisioning your "rich" life, documenting dreams, and setting goals

-developing a saving, sharing, and spending plan

-supporting the causes that you care about not only financially, but in physical and influential ways

-feeling that you've used what you have to make the world a better place

-helping others also use the gifts they have to improve the world

This list is not exhaustive because everyone's visions are different and we do our best to help families develop their own unique version of The Generous Wealth Journey.

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