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Stewardship is a noble responsibility.

Invest where it counts.

Personalized Investment Management that measures your values  

While Investment Management is generally part of our Family Office Services, we also offer it as a stand alone service for those whom a family office is not appropriate.

There are many different investment options in our world today.  A personalized portfolio can easily have thousands of holdings.  Your values are of utmost importance.  What businesses and causes do you want your money to support?

We take a multidisciplinary approach to developing and managing our partner's portfolios.  It is important to consistently monitor your holdings.  We consider that an active approach, although frequent trading may not be appropriate.  We also review fundamental and tactical market data, economic data, various screens for responsible investing, and digital asset information in order to manage what you have been entrusted with.  

We consider stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, deposit accounts, cryptocurrency, derivatives, and real estate when building partners' portfolios.  Once your ideal portfolio is created, we monitor and rebalance based on a specific schedule and also apply current information (from the research mentioned above) to make investment decisions. 

This service includes a tiered asset based fee.  Please see the Fee-Only Pricing page for details.

Please schedule an Exploration Meeting to see what type of service fits you best.

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