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Transparency is paramount

One fee, many services, no surprises

What does it mean to be fee-only?

As a fee-only institution, we are only compensated by those for whom we provide services.  

There are no third party bonuses.  

No product sales.  

No commissions.

Here is a description of the three types of fees:

Family Office Services

This arrangement includes an annual fee that is calculated by applying a percentage to your net worth and a percentage to your income and adding the two. 

The percentage for net worth starts at .75 and lowers to .15 as the amount rises and income starts at 1.5 and lowers to .5

Example: A family with an income of $250,000 and a net worth of $1,000,000 would have its annual fee calculated as:  

1.5% of $250,000 ($3,750) + .75% of $1,000,000 ($7,500) = $11,250.

For a description of the services, please go to the Family Office Services page.  

Tax Preparation

This arrangement is based on an hourly rate of $500/hour and is calculated in 30 minute increments.  

Example: A tax return that takes 1.5 hours to complete would incur a one-time fee of $750.

For a description of this service, please see the Tax Preparation page.

Investment Management

This arrangement is based on a percentage of the amount of assets being managed.  

The range of percentages is from 1 down to .2.

Example: An account with $1,000,000 would incur an annual fee of $10,000.

For a description of this service, please see the Investment Management page.

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