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A partner you enjoy hearing from

Managing your life should be joyful. 

What can a Family Office do for you?

That's an important question.  We don't know until we explore.  Download our E-Book-The Modern Virtual Family Office, to learn about the topic.

Family Office Services include a wide range of things.  There is no defined list of items because every family is different and requires a unique "office".  

Imagine being able to get all of these services under one "roof":

Mission & Vision Development

Family Education

Family Meeting Facilitation

Philanthropic Advice

Family Foundation Support

Tax Planning & Preparation

Estate Advice & Planning

Financial Planning

Wealth Management

Investment Management

Retirement & Succession Planning

Cash Flow & Budgeting

Debt & Lending Advice

Business Planning

Concierge Services

The modern family office is designed to simplify many complicated things for you.  We bring many services into one partnership, make managing the details of your life enjoyable, and give you the time to lead the causes that mean most to you.

You can have one partnership and one place to go when you have a question.

All relevant services are included for one transparent fee.  Please see the Fee-only Pricing page for an explanation.

An Exploration Meeting is the first step to determining if partnership is right for you.

Explore Partnership